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Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard W/ LED

$128.99 USD

Are you looking for a reliable and stylish Bluetooth keyboard that offers plenty of features? Look no further than the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard W/ LED! This sleek and stylish keyboard is designed with the latest in Bluetooth technology for a smooth and seamless wireless connection. Its Gateron G Pro switch offers amazing tactile feedback, while the white LED backlight lets you type in any lighting condition. Plus, it's compatible with Mac and Windows, making it a great choice for all your computing needs. Get your Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard W/ LED today!


  • Featuring a USB interface, a monochrome backlight, and a 4000mAh rechargeable li-polymer battery, this keyboard offers a superior user experience. You can enjoy up to 68 hours of typing time on a single LED, giving you maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • The Mechanical operation style and laser keycap printing ensure a smooth and responsive typing experience, while the ABS keycap material ensures durability and a stylish look. 
  • With a charging time of only 3 hours and a Bluetooth version of 5.1, you'll be able to type wirelessly with ease and accuracy. This keyboard is compatible with both macOS and Windows systems, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use it with any device. And with a total of 84 Keys, this keyboard is the perfect addition to any modern workspace.


Operation Style: Mechanical
Keycap printing: Laser
Keycap material: ABS
Keyboard Standard: 84 Keys
Interface Type: USB
Backlight Type: Monochrome
Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
BT Working Time (Single LED): Up to 68 hours (Lab test result may vary by actual use)
BT Working Time (RGB): Up to 72 hours (Lab test result may vary by actual use)
Charging Time: Around 3 hours
Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable
Bluetooth version: 5.1
Compatible System: macOS & Windows


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