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Ergonomic Wrist Pads

$17.99 USD

Take typing comfort to the next level with our Ergonomic Wrist Pads! These amazing pads are crafted with memory foam for superior comfort and feature a non-slip design to keep you in control. Ideal for use at home or in the office, they provide a soft cushion while typing and reduce wrist strain. With our Ergonomic Wrist Pads, you’ll never have to worry about discomfort or fatigue ever again!


  • It is designed to reduce stress on wrists for long periods of computer use, making it great for both work and gaming. Perfect for those long days at the office, the Ergonomic Wrist Pads will help keep your hands and wrists feeling relaxed and refreshed with the utmost support! 
  • The Ergonomic Wrist Pads feature a non-slip rubber base ensuring the pads stay in place, while the soft fabric cover gives you a comfortable feel. With our Ergonomic Wrist Pads, you’ll be able to enjoy long hours of gaming or typing without experiencing strain or discomfort!
  • The wrist pads come in two sizes and are constructed with a combination of silky-smooth silicone, memory foam, and durable nylon for ultimate protection and comfort.  Best of all the Ergonomic Wrist Pads is available in gray and black which you can choose from to match your personality or workspace decor. It also comes in 2 pieces which are the small pad


Wrist Pad Size:
Small: 8.5*13.4cm / 3.34*18.1in
Large: 8.5*46cm / 3.34in
Material: Silicone, Memory Foam & Nylon

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