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Keyboard Display Holder

$22.99 USD

Introducing the Keyboard Display Holder! This must-have piece of desktop equipment is sure to turn heads while providing a convenient, organized, and stylish way to store your mechanical keyboard or any other type of keyboard. Featuring three tiers, two tiers and one tier of transparent acrylic stands, this holder allows you to maintain an impressive, clutter-free look in your workspace. The Keyboard Display Holder is perfect for keeping your gaming setup neat and organized, and its durable construction ensures it will last for years to come. Get the Keyboard Display Holder now and add a stylish touch to your gaming setup!
  • Crafted from high-quality acrylic and metal, this holder comes in three different sizes; 3 tiers, 2 tiers, and 1 tier, to fit your specific needs. With the 3 tiers holder, you get an approximate size of 9.8x6.3x5.3inches; the 2 tiers holder has an approximate size of 6.8x6.3x5.2inches; and a 1-tier holder has an approximate size of 6.5x4.7x3.1inches.
  • This mechanical keyboard holder is perfect for storing and displaying your favorite keyboards. What’s more, it works perfectly with all mechanical keyboard styles.
  • This display stand is a breeze to install, with no tools required. The protective film attached to both sides of the acrylic will be peeled off, then the ends of the metal rod will be passed through the acrylic sheet, and finally, you can tighten the screws by hand. With this Keyboard Display Holder, you can make the most of your workspace and keep it looking great!

Material: Acrylic & Metal
Sizes Available:
3-Tiers: About 250x160x135mm / 9.8x6.3x5.3inches
2-Tiers: About 172x160x133mm / 6.8x6.3x5.2inches
1-Tier: About 166x119x79mm / 6.5x4.7x3.1inches

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