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Non-Slip Laptop Bracket

$27.99 USD

Are you looking for a reliable and secure way to prop up your laptop? Look no further than our Non-Slip Laptop Bracket! This high-quality laptop holder is designed to keep your laptop secure and steady, with its sturdy non-slip construction and ergonomic design. Furthermore, it is perfect for use with all kinds of laptops, from Macbooks to Asus to Lenovo. Get the perfect laptop stand to improve your productivity and comfort with our Non-Slip Laptop Bracket!  
  • Made with an aluminum alloy and silicone material, this bracket is designed to fit laptops sized between 10 and 18 inches. The non-slip design ensures your laptop stays safe, stable, and secure while you work. 
  • This lightweight, 4mm thick bracket provides a secure and sturdy base for your laptop, so you can type, browse, and work with ease. With a length of 260mm and a width of 25mm, our Non-Slip Laptop Bracket provides plenty of space to fit your device without any hassle.
  • The non-slip grip keeps your laptop firmly in place, so you can stay focused and worry-free. With this bracket, you can work worry-free and get the job done.

Material: Aluminum Alloy & Silicone
Application: 10-18 inches Laptop
Thickness: 4mm
Width: 25mm
Length: 260mm

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